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Features Advantage

Our state of art, Premium Calcium SMF has all the advantages of Sealed Top MF battery and more:

  • Uniquely designed to sustain the correct level of electrolyte, all the time above the plates (Accommodating a higher acid volume, as compared to others.)
  • Fitted with cold-forged & leakage-proof designed bushing for the terminals, preventing oxidation or interfacial crack of terminal as well as leakage around the terminal
  • Increased life cycles by using spun-bonded paper, which holds active materials on the plate, strongly
  • Enhanced life cycles under hard-working condition, due to the grid of high Sn (tin) (our grid is Pb-Cc-high Sn, Expanded Grid)

Structure Characteristics

Centered Cast-on Plate Straps

  • Stronger than the thinner gas-burned conventional connectors.
  • Reduce the lever action movement resulting from road shock

Exclusive Patented Liquid Gas Separator

  • Prevent electrolyte losses by collection and returning liquid to the reservoir.
  • Vents allow the battery to “breathe” during temperature changes and charging.

Flame Arrester

  • Safety system
  • Prevent the explosion from spark of outside
  • Minimize the acid—leakage
  • Prevent the inflow of dust

Heat-Sealed Covers

  • Prevent contamination and also add to the strengh and rigidity.
  • Include permanent flame arresters to prevent accidental explosion from external sparks or flame.
  • Have hydrometer built in for faster checking.


  • At full charge, the electrolyte specific gravity is 1.28 while at 50% of charge considered the minimum serviceable condition, the specific gravity is typically 1.22, In a typical situation when the specific gravity drops to 1.1 0, the battery is fully discharged.

Low-Resistance Envelope Separators

  • Encapsulate negative plates
  • Improve vibration durability
  • Prevent “treeing“ and internal shorting between pos.and neg. plates

Polypropylene Case

  • Reinforced design is precisely tailored to support the battery elements.
  • Material is exceptionally strong, durable and withstands road shock and vibration.

Wrought Lead-Calcium Grids

  • Offer considerable strength
  • Resistant to grid corrosion
  • Over-charge resistant
  • Minimal gassing and water usage
  • Less self—discharge
  • Resist thermal runaway

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